About The Connected Self

I Started This Website...

I started this website because I was lost. I seemed to be wandering aimlessly through life — essentially, I felt disconnected from the person I was "supposed" to be... whoever that was. This feeling was disorienting and upsetting. And I did not sit idly by — no, I did whatever I could to feel better (whole) again. This experience seemed much like grasping for straws, as they say. Some of it worked in little ways, but most did not. Those that did were only temporary fixes, for the same feeling of discontentment always came creeping back.

I started this website to test myself. To see if I could document some semblance of a recovery, from an injury I could not pinpoint. I wanted to get the information I came across and learned with others, so that perhaps my journey (struggle) could be of use and helpful to others.

I started this website as a reminder to never stop pushing myself toward my connected self. I've noticed over the years that if I don't remind myself to do so, every once in a while, then I will begin to feel myself slowly coming apart. For those familiar with the feelings, it happens — to quote Ernest Hemingway — "slowly and then all at once."

... To Connect The Dots.

The reminder is to align myself with who I am and what I believe is my purpose in life. In today's society, I think we too often rush through our lives without taking the time to pause, breathe, and take note of our direction.

This is not simply a self-improvement site — rather, it's a site focused on guiding people toward the realization that they are magnificent just as they are, with all their quirks and imperfections, their abilities and strengths; that they can be the best versions of themselves just by being, by living fully and pursuing what and whom they love, and by never settling for anything less than they deserve.

Happiness is not a destination — a place to be arrived at only after we've achieved or acquired enough. Happiness is a state of being — something you feel when you are your connected self. Self-discovery is a lifelong journey — join us and let us journey together.