Innovations in the Neuroscience of Wellness

The new direction of mental and physical wellbeing will be rooted firmly in the findings of neuroscience research.

The Gisburne Harr Institute has developed an approach to chronic and neurodegenerative conditions that utilizes the body’s own reliable and predictable ability to optimize and positively change when presented with the right conditions. The approach is the result of 7 years of extensive analysis of research within the fields of neuroscience, neuropsychology, neurophysiology, etc. What recent research has provided is a specific understanding of the mechanisms of learning and change that allow practitioners to target problematic areas of brain activity, perceptual schemas, behavioral activity, emotional functioning, and physical states and to pair this knowledge with the modalities best suited to reverse entrenched conditions. The Gisburne Harr Institute specializes in “Innovations in the Neuroscience of Wellness”.

The Colorado Program

The Colorado Program is the result of 7 years of analysis of current and unfolding neuroscience research, clinical observation and field testing in the area of chronic and neurodegenerative conditions. The understanding that resulted from this process shaped and informed the current approach to recovery utilized by The Gisburne Harr Institute. In this program we do not assume that chronic and neurodegenerative conditions are intractable. Read more...

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